Dr. Balwan Singh is among the best dentist in basai chowk, Gurgaon with 12+ years of experience. Besides, he practices at his well-equipped and advanced Dental Clinic in Gurgaon. He assists people who are unhappy with their crooked or irregular teeth to achieve well-aligned teeth at an affordable cost with Braces treatment in Gurgaon. 


What are Braces?

Dental braces are used to align or arrange the teeth and manage the teeth in the correct position. They have wires, brackets, and bands. Braces help in irregular teeth positioning, jaw correction, improvement in chewing and smile aesthetics.


What is the Cost of Braces Treatment in Gurgaon?

  • The braces treatment cost in Gurgaon depends on the severity of the tooth alignment problem and the type of braces.
  • Our highly qualified and well-experienced dentist will help you determine the best braces option based on your needs as well as the cost of treatment.

What is the purpose of Braces?

  • The main reason for using Braces is to improve facial appearance.
  • People do not know that many other implications require orthodontic treatment like open bite, jaw structure, crossbite, etc.

What is Adult Dentition?

It is a stage where an adult or permanent tooth replace primary teeth that help in appearance, speech, and digestion. During this phase, people can suffer many issues that can be fixed by Braces. These issues include:

· Crowding of teeth can lead to poor oral hygiene and cause cavities.

· Improper bite usually affects chewing efficiency.

· Crooked teeth can be a major reason for Periodontal problems such as bleeding gums, bad breath, and premature teeth loss.

· If the teeth are uneven, then it can develop calculus deposits leading to yellow teeth.

· Forwardly placed teeth can lead to a more raised profile and posteriorly displaced chin.

· The spacing between teeth can cause speech problems.

What is Mixed Dentition?

Mixed Dentition is the combination of both primary and permanent. Using Braces in this phase can correct the following problems:

· Braces can correct jaw growth disorders in a non-invasive manner, which may later require surgical correction if left untreated.

· You should treat crooked teeth during an early stage; else, it may affect your child’s psychology.

What is the best time to get Braces?

  • We can start orthodontic treatment from a young age of seven years.
  • If you have good oral health and strong teeth, you can use braces at any age.
  • There are various kinds of Orthodontic treatment available for all ages.

Types of Braces 

Metal Conventional Braces:

These are the standard and commonly used braces. The metal braces used nowadays are much more convenient and smaller in size. These have elastics that come in different colors to tie the wire to the braces. The wires utilize your body heat to move teeth quickly and comfortably. People of all ages can prefer to align their teeth using metal braces. 


Metal Self Ligating Braces:

These are metal brackets with a shutter or lock system. They do not need elastic to tie the wire. Compared to conventional metal braces, these braces are more comfortable and smaller in size. These assist in achieving arch expansion and lessen the need for extraction.

Ceramic Conventional Braces:

Ceramic braces have clear brackets and blend naturally with your teeth. Their shape and size are similar to the metal braces. These are less visible on the teeth. People who have aesthetic concerns prefer this type of braces. 


Sometimes, even the wires are of tooth color, which makes them less visible. They require extra care and protection compared to metal braces as they are larger and more brittle. Hence, they are used commonly in upper teeth than lower. 

Lingual Braces:


Lingual Braces are bulky silver or gold metal braces. These are highly aesthetic and less visible as placed behind the teeth. The individual Bracket is customized using CAD-CAM / 3D designing. However, it can cause slight speech difficulties during the treatment. 

What are Aligners?

Clear Aligners are medical grade synthetic trays that do not need any braces or wires. They are invisible; so, the aesthetic concerns are correctly satisfied and appealing to adults who require orthodontic treatment


Though fixed inside, they do not have any food limitations associated. People think that being placed inside might cause speech difficulties, but it is a myth. On the other hand, transparent braces are very comfortable and hygienic. Clear Aligners also cover existing gaps.

Post-treatment Care for Braces

  • Brush and floss twice to maintain your teeth's health. Healthy teeth respond well to the treatment.
  • Visit your dentist for routine follow-ups. Make a summary of your appointments and follow instructions, if any.
  • Be patient. The duration of the treatment may differ depending on the case. The teeth will take time to adapt accordingly.

If you are suffering from any dental problem, please book an appointment with Dr. Balwan Singh. He will provide you the most suitable and affordable treatment to fix all your dental issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to place braces?


After bonding the braces, it takes around 1-2 hours for the process to complete.


Q. What color braces should one choose?


There are a variety of braces available. It depends on the patient getting them. If the patient wishes so, they can use transparent or ceramic braces. For more information on what type of braces will be more suitable for your needs, consult our dentist.


Q. Are braces painful?


Getting braces is not painful. However, you may have slight discomfort and soreness after getting them. Apart from this, metal braces may feel slightly tight after getting them readjusted on a follow-up visit with your orthodontist.

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