Does Coffee affect your Teeth?

Coffee is an absolute morning requirement for some people to begin their day and wake up. Many people like coffee to wake them up and others like the routine of a hot, steaming cup of Joe.

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    have you ever thought about the effects of coffee on your teeth?


    How Coffee affects your Dental Health?

    In this article Dr. Balwan Singh tells us some ways in which coffee can harm your teeth:


    Coffee contains staining tannins


    The word tannins most commonly are used when talking about red wines, but these substances are found in coffee as well. Tannins are a kind of polyphenol that breaks down in the water. These can cause color compounds that can stick to your teeth. That is because teeth are not as smooth and flat as they appear. They have microscopic ridges and pits that can hold food and drink particles, including the staining tannins. When they do hold such particles, they leave a yellow hue that becomes hard to remove.


    The more coffee you drink, the more tannins you consume, and your teeth become more yellow. But there is a solution, and you do not have to leave your favorite beverage. Many teeth whitening remedies are available and different ways to reduce tannins from sticking to your teeth.

    Coffee creates acids in your mouth

    There are many beverages that we drink regularly. We drink coffee, milk, soda, juice, wine, spirits, and water, and among these, water is the beverage that does not harm your teeth.  Every beverage that is not water can cause natural bacteria in your mouth to produce acids that attack your teeth. If these acids are not cleaned away quickly, they can remove the enamel that protects your teeth, leave your pearly whites vulnerable to tooth decay.


    It may be silly to brush your teeth after each sip of non-water beverage you drink. It consumes time and is not practical. But it is the only way to remove the acid that wears away at your tooth enamel. This is the reason that you should not sip soda, coffee, or any other beverage the whole day. It is best to consume your beverage swiftly in a few minutes rather than hours. You will do much less damage to your teeth if you gulp down that beverage.


    Coffee can make you clench your teeth

    You can try a decaffeinated kind of coffee to avoid the effects that caffeine can cause, like stimulated muscles, leading to clenching of your teeth (bruxism). Clenching can be harmful to your teeth, and it can be detrimental to your jaw and your overall body. When you sleep with a clenched jaw, you will overwork those jaw muscles causing them to be tired and inflamed. 

    This can cause you to feel soreness in your jaw as well. Clenching can give you poor sleep, which can cause a tiring and long day. You may love a cup of coffee before bedtime, but studies show it can cause clenching in your teeth while you sleep. This bad habit wears away your teeth's enamel, and in serious cases, it can cause your teeth to break or chip.  Experts suggest avoiding coffee and caffeinated beverage four hours before bedtime to avoid these issues.


    How can you Prevent Coffee from Damaging your Teeth?

    Dentists recommend drinking not more than two cups of coffee a day to reduce damage. However, just one cup a day can cause issues. So, it is smart to employ other methods to reduce the drink's impact. Drinking your coffee through a straw is among the most effective methods to avoid dental damage. It may look strange, but the straw helps the coffee bypass your teeth and prevent staining.


    It is best to drink your coffee in just a single sitting, rather than to drink it throughout the day; this ensures bacteria do not develop. Have something to eat before you drink your coffee can reduce the damage. After you have finished sipping, you should brush your teeth to clean tannins and bacteria like mutans. If you cannot brush your teeth, try snacking on raw fruits and vegetables involving lemons and strawberries. These foods have natural fibers that can help break down harmful bacteria. You can also rinse your mouth with water to wash away some of the acids and tannins. Coffee may taste good, but it is doing your teeth, no favors. Take some preventive measures to enjoy your cup of coffee and keep your smile.

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