Extract your Tooth or Save it? Which is the Right Option?

Many dental patients ask a common question about whether to save a tooth or have it pulled out. Extractions or root canal is a difficult choice, but your dentist will help you pick the correct option for your tooth.

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    If your dentist advises you that you should have your tooth removed, ask if a root canal can be an option. If it is good to save your tooth, then select a root canal, provided that your teeth will not cause any problems and restored without a crown.  

    Your dentist always tries to save your tooth. However, there are situations where your dentist has to perform an extraction. In this article Dr. Balwan Singh explains, why is the extraction of tooth necessary


    When is Tooth Extraction necessary?

     Tooth extraction is mostly done when you are suffering from the following conditions:

    • You have bad Periodontal disease infection
    • A crown or filling cannot restore your tooth as it is damaged badly
    • Your tooth is seriously cracked or extends beyond the gum line because of an accident
    • You are suffering from pain even after a root canal treatment
    • Not adequate space for your tooth
    • Your tooth is applying pressure on the other teeth due to crowding
    • You require orthodontic treatment, and extracting the tooth can make treatment easier
    • Brushing and flossing is difficult
    • Your tooth is not working in your bite


    Although saving a tooth is the best choice, there are situations when extraction becomes a better option. If you face a condition where you do not choose but to pull the tooth, you need to pull it out. It may be better to get the tooth replaced or leave an empty gap. 

    Tooth extraction is sometimes a better option; it is still not always the best choice for all dental issues.


    When should you consider a Root Canal? 

    You can have root canals when there is a need to repair and save your tooth that got infected or badly decayed. The following are signs when you need to consider going for a root canal:

    • Consistent pain when eating and drinking
    • Cracked and chipped tooth due to consumption of hard foods
    • You are sensitive to cold or hot drinks
    • You have swollen gums due to inflammations under your surface
    • Dark discoloration of your tooth due to poor hygiene
    • Prolonged sensitivity because of damaged root
    • Deep decay in the base of your tooth or cavity


     Which one is the Right Option?  

    Although a missing tooth is simple to replace with modern dentistry, it cannot be as same as your actual tooth. Additionally, healing from an extraction requires more time and, in rare cases, more painful than healing from a root canal. Also, pulling your tooth out may cause other dental procedures and a longer healing time for a replacement.

    That said, pulling your tooth out may be right for some circumstances. Sometimes a tooth cannot be saved, even with a root canal. Few people, who had a bad tooth for a long period, know from experience that it will only make things worse, and that tooth will have to be pulled out. 

    Root canals are expensive, specifically if a crown is required. If you cannot pay for a root canal, removing your tooth is a cheaper option. But if your tooth’s condition is fine, it is usually better to get a root canal treatment and keep it as long as possible. As no dental implant, dentures, or dental bridges can be as same as your real tooth.

    In reality, it pains more to live with an infected or damaged tooth than go through these procedures. Still, be ready to get some minor pain and sensitivity after the anesthetic wears off. Such small aches will go away within a few weeks. 

    Even though modern dental technology makes it easy to save your most problematic teeth like mouth ulcers, sores, or tender areas, you have the final decision to make. Consult with your dentist, think about both the options, and choose what you feel is best for you.

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